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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Beans' Trees

There are two large mesquite trees at Camp Quarantine.  It is one of the reasons I wanted to stay here.  It gives Beans something to enjoy.  She likes sitting in the shade.

And there is climbing to do also.  

We've been here for a few weeks and only just the other day
 I spotted something odd at the base of the tree. 

Sea shells in the desert! 
 For as weird and topsy-turvey 2020 has been so far, I thought these would be appropriate for a little memento of Camp Quarantine.  The Little House on the Highway is like a rolling museum of interest probably only to me.  I don't save something from everywhere we stay.  Oh I have the occasional rock, bone or artifact from here and there most all of which I have since forgotten where it came from.  A very few rocks I write on to preserve the site for memory.  One is from where we camped in Wyoming to view the Great Solar Eclipse and it is glued to a shelf.  Three small stones from each of the Great Lakes we visited two years ago sit on the counter by the sink.
 I'll write on the long one-Camp Quarantine 2020-and glue it next to that small eclipse stone.


  1. A perfect memento of your time during the Covid-19 lock down! A previous camper must have spent some fun time at the seaside collecting the shells. I'm glad Beans enjoys the trees, I think if I was a cat I'd like to spend some time up a tree in the shade too. Good vantage point to watch for those naughty lizards.

  2. Ilike that photo of Beans in the tree,,just like a tiger!


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