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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Camp Quarantine

You may have noticed that for some time now my posts to the blog show up every other day.  Mainly that was because we were not traveling around and the amount of material to be had here was limited.  So I was trying to stretch it out.  Well now we are all under this quarantine/stay in place mode and many of you are confined indoors in your homes.  So I decided to try to put something out daily now, just a little something to help you get through this.  It may not be much, but its something.

Resigning to the fact that we will be here for the long haul I moved camp yet again (what else do I have to do?) a hundred yards up the road.  This spot is a little bit more secluded and hopefully will keep anyone from moving in nearby.  It's not the COVID-19 I'm concerned about, I just don't want to be hearing their generator running all hours.

There is this nice large mesquite tree here which offered a good opportunity to set up the solar shower.  That was refreshing and I felt like a new person afterwards.  I pour in four gallons of water and set it out in the sun to warm up.  It takes about three hours to get to a temperature that doesn't take your breath away.

Beans is handling this quarantine very well.  
After all, shes a cat.  Not a problem.


  1. Nice to see other people's blogs and to be transported for a few minutes away from these four walls and the handful of paths I can walk around here. You take good care now.

  2. Nice!!What a chillout Place!I wish i was there!Here we have tons of snow and alot of gulls screaming mating time :)
    Love that shower!I think you do it so great!What is a mesquite tree !Is it a drug tree??Hih hih

    I want soo much a kitty cat..love when they do that "purring"and Plays around.Here the kitty that comes to see me every day has now gone up too the trees.There the magpie has great fun With it teasing her tail :))

    Ok Nice to see Things from Your part of the world.Wish you great sunday!Looking forward NeXT post :)))You are a sunshine :)))

  3. We are all over the world locked in our houses, yours is very little but you have no neighbours anyhow, so you are free to move a bit around.

  4. I love the idea of moving your house around so you get a slightly different view.... and no neighbours! I think we are all living the quiet and rather boring life right now, I am on Day 24 of staying in place. That BeansKitty is a sweetie.


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