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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Donnie and Patty Marshall

The couple that camps at this spot every year have an elaborate set-up.  I really thought I had a photo from years past but it seems not.  Sorry.  I went by a couple months ago and saw they were gone which answered a question I always had do they stay here the entire year?  In addition to their trailer and a few vehicles there would be a large tent set up, AstroTurf and carpets spread out, a huge array of chairs circling the set-up.  It was all for the potlucks, talent shows, karaoke, music jams and dances they held.  Being it was all gone I saw for the first time the rock art in back.

Then I saw this sign.  Apparently the old guy (two years younger than I) had passed away.
When, I don't know.  Was it during this past winter season while here?

By this you can see they had been carrying on with the programs for ten years.
Now will his wife Patty continue with the tradition?

The other day I was riding around to see what was left of the population here and was surprised to see this.  Every year this road into the main part of this long term stay area washes out where it passes through the wash.  After all these years the BLM is finally going to fix this problem for good with a culvert.  The Marshall's camp is always set up on the other side of those trees above my bike. 
 Poor Donnie, he'll never know about this much needed improvement near his camp.
The Donnie Marshall Memorial Bridge?

Happy cat.

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  1. Condolences to Patty. They sound like a fun couple, and I'll bet they will be missed by lots of folks out there.


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