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Friday, April 10, 2020

Getting Water

When we moved over to Camp Quarantine last week I took the opportunity to dump the holding tanks of waste water and fill up the fresh water water tank while having the motor home out on the move.  The waste water holding tanks will go for several months without the need of emptying them.  The fresh water tank only lasts about fifty days.  It remains to be seen if the BLM will shut off the water after April 15 or leave it on. 

I have these four jugs for regular water, not drinking water.  I used them to fill the solar shower for that refreshing shower I took after moving to Camp Quarantine.  When the 15th nears I'll dump these into the tank on the RV.  I'd rather make a couple trips on Gracie to top off the tank than break camp and drive the RV across the highway over to the fill station.  After all, what else do I have to do?

Back at camp I got back to work on my hiking sticks.
I've been carrying these around with me for a long time.

They are ready for a finish of tung oil.

Now just to find people to give them away to.
I still have one stick left to work on for another day.
One at a time.
I'm not going to be carrying around a half a dozen sticks all the time anymore.

Some pretty flowers seen along the way.

Here's an even prettier kitty.

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