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Monday, April 6, 2020

Into the Bio-hazard Zone

I had to do some grocery shopping yesterday.  I wasn't looking forward to it.
This is what I envision it to be like in town.

This is the best Quartzsite has to offer for a grocery store.
I went early on Sunday thinking not too many would be there.
Good planning.  There wasn't.

Geared up in my bio-hazard gear and ready to go inside.
I saw only one lady wearing a mask.  
The dozen or so others I saw, the fools they are, made no effort to protect themselves.

Groceries bought but some items I wanted were not to be had.
This may mean a second visit this week.

Everything goes into my backpack and another stuff sack for the ride back to Camp Quarantine.
I can fit a half gallon of milk in that separate compartment on the bottom of the backpack.

As you can see I can fit in quite a bit of groceries in the two packs.

A few hours of ultraviolet light from the sun does the job.

 Dad, don't touch me until after you've washed your hands for twenty seconds and 
then sanitized them with 70% or more alcohol hand sanitizer!


  1. So that's what those little red dots are on the map at the top of the page!

  2. Hah hah Looking good!!!Nice to see Your day!Is it Your motorcyckle??So great!A Kamazaki?you dont need much Food I see.Do you hunt there out in the desert?Fishing?Ilove Your bandera I got one too..here in Norway they are very restrickt on using mask..only we nurses they say shall use them..but I dont care a shit about that i wear a mask since I have been Corona isolation to protect my friends Family (son) and pasients.I feel very good nowadays.i think this day is the best fresh non sick feeling in 3 weeks..Beans looks great I quess she smells cute :)Wish you a happy day!Love Your photoes and story :)Anita


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