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Monday, April 20, 2020

Life at Camp Quarantine

Notice tangled cat.
Always keeps me busy.

I had to break camp and go into town for propane and good thing I didn't put it off any longer as it only had point two gallons left. Then across the street to Family Dollar. Only two cars in the lot, a good sign. I filled the four fresh water jugs at the water machine and then went inside. I only wore the bandanna due to the lack of people. I did good from my shopping list even though the shelves were most bare. Paper towels once again appeared so I grabbed a roll. Next stop Roadrunner grocery store, a small little shop. With rumors of an impending nationwide meat shortage the little store still had a good supply and I picked up a couple of items. Now to return to camp. Hmm..do I want to go to the other side of town and check out Dollar General?  Oh what else do I have to do?  So I did.  Again, only a couple of cars in the lot.  Nice. Again with only the bandanna I went in and walked over to the baby products aisle. And there it was, sitting all alone on the shelf, one last package of baby wipes.
It has been weeks, no make that months, since these were last seen in any store.around here.  I picked it up and read the package three times making sure I was holding what I thought I was instead a package of diapers.  I use these things to wipe down all over in place of a shower each evening.  

And so I drove back to Camp Quarantine unable to believe my good fortune.  I felt all is right in the world, or at least our world.  Our paid for time had run out on the fifteenth and it appears the BLM Rangers are not going to bother the several hundred or so campers self-isolating staying in place here.  I decided we'll stay at Camp Quarantine as long as possible until it gets too hot.  As the propane guy mentioned to me "This is about one of the safest places to be in the country right about now."
I couldn't argue that.

An eBook update: As of yesterday Sunday Sinbad and I on the Loose had registered 29 downloads. The Beans and I on the Loose series showed 18, 16 and 20.  I never ever imagined those kinds of numbers while I was putting them all together.  Nice timing for me to finish the books just when a global pandemic broke out.  I'm sure that is the reason behind the numbers :))



  1. Loving your stories. Say Hello to Beans for me. I have 2 cats a ginger called Fred and a calico called Sally. Sally is a rescue cat and it took 2 years for her to be comfortable enough to venture outside now she spends most of her days laying on a table on the back deck. Fred (rescue cat) has decided my son Michel is his master and spends most of his days laying on his bed. We are coping with Stay Home with weekly visit to shops to buy food and other essentials . We are lucky we live in a coastal tourist town so don't have much problem getting supplies. Greetings from Central Coast, NSW, Australia

    1. Thank you for visiting our blog. I wanted to get another ginger cat when Sinbad passed away but I knew I'd being seeing him in the new cat and that wouldn't be fair to the cat. I adopted my sweet tortie instead and Beans has exceeded everything I had hope for in a new travel cat.

  2. It's strange to think how, all over the world, we are being affected by the same virus. Because of my health situation I have been instructed to stay indoors for three months. Volunteers are doing my shopping for me - for which I am very grateful.

    1. Your comment is exactly what I need to see. I can't comprehend what it is like out there having been here in the desert since October. It is a struggle to stay put when normally we'd be moving on by now. But to stay indoors for three months is unimaginable. So reading that makes me realize we have it pretty nice here for I can get out and walkabout without any worries. Take care and thank you.


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