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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

More Trash

Well the scene around the dumpsters was getting out of control.
It had turned into a used furniture depot.

Tires and mattresses also.

Finally he arrived.  It seems his schedule is down to once a week now.  

The dumpsters are so overloaded when he dumps the bins 
loose paper and plastic is scattered all about by the desert wind.

The next morning was calm and I went out on litter picking patrol in our yard.

Someone tossed that pink chair into an empty dumpster after he left. 
 I'll try to get those tires in there next time.

(several days later)
I didn't get the tires in there in time.

(two more days passed)

He came again the next day after dumping the above and loaded up the tires, chairs, mattress and all the other debris scattered about.  I helped some with the lighter stuff .
I never thought I'd see this space looking this nice.

Meanwhile across the highway at the other camp area...

Beans is happy sunbathing.


  1. Those mountains and sky in the background make a nice contrast. Interesting to see how much garbage gets produced out there, and it's great that it gets picked up instead of you guys having to drive your trash to the dump.

  2. Agree With John up here..so much Garbage!wow!Where does all that come from hmmmm..Nice post as always and love Beans xx


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