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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Revisiting the Stone Cabin

Each year I am here I go visit the stone cabin nearby.

Each year there is a little bit more "decay".  
Now sadly graffiti is beginning to show its ugly self. 

I'm always impressed with the care in design of the corner fireplace.

At the entry.  
I am pretty sure it is 54 and not 34.

 I suspect this small room off to the side was a store room for food items and gear
and that torn down wall had no window.

Outside is what remains of a cooking area with grill 
and to the left what could have been a oven for baking.
Just a guess.

There are some abandoned mining holes in the area surrounding the cabin.

The owner could have been prospecting the area 
but I like to think he was just a hermit trying to escape society.

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  1. I wonder who he was, and why he lived out there in the wilderness, so isolated. Did he build this all on his own? Are there suitable rocks around the area, or did he have to get them from somewhere else? Where did he get his water? Where did he get his food supplies? Did he have a gun? For hunting or for defense? So many things to wonder about.


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