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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Some Odds and Ends

The last time I was at Family Dollar I noticed this on the floor.
Coffee (last one), a loaf of bread (less than a half a dozen on the shelf) and a bottle of Gatorade was all I was able to get from my shopping list I had in my hand.

Everything is in short supply except soda pop it appears.

On the way to the store I saw this going on.  Someone's big motor coach broke down.
That has to be an expensive tow.  Heaven knows what the repair bill will be.

Nice lizard rock art.

Beans likes climbing this mesquite tree at Camp Quarantine.

Today is when our paid time runs out. 
 Now to see how long we can squat here before being run off.


  1. Hi hih seem like you have used Your jogging shoes alot hih hih just kidding!:)

    lovely Lizard art work:)I dont know what Family Dollar is ..i quess it is a Food shop??
    Are you out of Food?!
    Iam really tired of Food.Quess I will have a none Food day today!

    See you!

  2. The rock art is very innovative. Sort of like building a sand sculpture on the beach.... you use what material you have to be creative.
    I don't think they'll kick you out for a while. So stay as long as you can. It's a weird and changing world out there right now.


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