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Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Stone Cabin Hike

Seen to and from:

A hedgehog cactus.  
Not that many around here.

A couple days late of seeing this blossom in its full glory.

A thriving ocotillo

The leaves only show after recent rains and don't last long.

Hummingbirds love the flower of the ocotillo.

Someone found a dead fox or was it a pet?

A few hours late on seeing this snake cross the path.

Beans, I'm back!
Oh I see you really missed me.


  1. Nature is so beautiful. The whole Earth is in bloom!

  2. The flowers of the desert are so surprisingly beautiful. And so different from any blossoms that I see around here. Thanks for showing me. And that Ms Beans is such a sweetie!!!

  3. Beans is dreaming of wandering in the grasses! Happy Easter.

  4. This, to me, is a strange and wonderful landscape. Sometimes the variety Earth provides takes one's breath away.


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