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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

We Give Up

It got hot. Real hot. 
This is about all I could do during the day. 
Mini fan blowing, a cool beverage, snacks and a good book.  
Such is quarantine life in an oven.

Receiving this notice pretty much sealed our fate. 

I really didn't want to leave for I felt real safe here.
We were in La Paz County
I had no idea what it was like out there in the world having been here for six months.
Yes, I was a bit concerned as to what we would be getting ourselves into by leaving.

- to be continued -


  1. The Corona updates aare all alike all over the world..but i think it is going Down a bit here in -europe..I love those Nachos chips, my favourite--and do you eat With chinese chopsticks?heh heh heh

    I never can handle those when i eat my nuddles

    You could give me some of that warmth !Here it is 5-7 degrees and raining!

    Ok stay safe and be well out there!


  2. I think you need some flaming hot Cheetos on the side. Hope you can find some cooler mountain air.

  3. Hope you're able to find somewhere cooler .....


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