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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Any Old Port Will Do

Before taking off the next morning from the rest stop I put on the new bike cover and was able to drop off the old torn one in the dumpster nearby.

We traveled north stopping at a Walmart in Anderson.  Very few people wear masks in Butte and Shasta counties whereas at the house in Sonoma County we left behind it is mandatory.  All the Walmart employees had on masks most likely required by the management.  Some had them pulled down below the nose.  Most likely they would not wear one if not required.  At least they had the freedom to wear a mask of their own choosing some being a bandanna as I wore.  I suspect only 10% of the shoppers wore masks.  I saw a young mother (no mask) carrying a eight week old baby girl.  How do you protect a newborn from the virus?  I think she shouldn't bring her baby out from the protection of her home. 

Miles later I pulled off the interstate onto a winding narrow road down to an inlet on Lake Shasta.  It turned out to be a boat ramp parking area.  Not good and thought I could do better.  Back up out of there I discovered this spot.  This will do for the night.  Looks nice doesn't it?

You wouldn't know it was right at the entrance back onto the interstate.  But there was no traffic since it was a single lane one way road only for access to the highway.  It was a bit noisy due to the trucks climbing and descending the grade down below but it all quieted down for the night.  
No ear plugs needed. 

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