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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Bike Ride in the Old Neighborhood

I rode over to one of the recreational centers where in back is this small fishing pond for the residents.  It is purely catch and release.  I stood there for awhile reminiscing of all the times I hiked back in behind the pond to one of a couple secret entrances to the State Park in the distance.  
There are forty miles of trails in the park.  I have fond memories of hiking them all.

The center, one of three all of which have pools.  They've been converted to salt water pools since I've been away.  Due to the pandemic they are closed for now of course.

This sign on the gate is something new.  
All I can say is 

Pondering this I think I'd rather swim with the fish in the pond 
except there's no swimming allowed in the pond.


  1. Great location to shelter in place. I wish the Y would convert the pool to saltwater....

  2. I have never swum in a salt water pool, only the salt water sea. In fact the first time I swam in a fresh water pool I was quite scared!


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