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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Cactus Blooming

The cacti in the garden at the house were happy we returned.

The flowers only last a day or two, that's all.

The people out for their daily walks enjoy seeing the cactus blooms.

 More cactus are budding out and hopefully will bloom before we move on down the road.


  1. Those cactus flowers are really gorgeous, such bright colours.
    Who looks after your house while you and Beans are away on your travels?

  2. Pretty! Normally, I only see cactus in the nursery with what looks like glued on straw flowers. Anyway after visiting Utah, I purchased a couple cactus plants from Lowes near our home but they didn't survive our climate here. Are your cactus confiscated from favorite camping spots? (Okay, I know that answer might get you in trouble, but I'll throw my own mother under the bus as she kidnapped a spruce sprout many years ago. And it's still going strong.) Your answer is safe with me. Enjoy your day!

    1. The answer to your question is I gave some of the cacti a new home. Over time I’ve lost track of who came from where. Only a few I remember.


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