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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Crossing into California

Oh I agonized for weeks over this moment.  All because I would read bits and pieces about the coronavirus on my daily news feed.  I'd not read the articles themselves.  Too much misinformation, scare stuff and just simply depressing.  But it's hard to overlook the headlines.  So I was aware of states having border shut downs, quarantines and even those from certain states forbidden to enter such and such state.  So what would we be in for crossing over into California?

The Colorado River is a mere twenty miles west of Quartzsite. As you cross it you're in California and immediately hit the inspection station.  Okay Beans, here we go.  I pulled up to the booth and there was no one there!  I looked over to my right at the next booth and the inspector lady with a mask over her face is waving me on!  What the hell?  Gee, and I wanted to talk to someone!  I wanted to find out what I was in for driving up through California. I drove ahead and pulled over to get an apple all the while shaking my head.  All that fretting over nothing.  They couldn't care less that I had South Dakota license plates, a state with virtually no restrictions regarding COVID-19.
I continued on west through the Mojave desert, still shaking my head.

- to be continued - 


  1. Hmm. Well, no major interrogations, so I take that as a good thing...?

  2. I hope you'll post stories from the road in California. You can be our eyes and ears.

  3. I'll be travelling with you (but 6 feet away of course) to find out what's happening in California. Interesting that all the states have different rules. Anyway, stay safe and keep us updated!

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  5. Wow, I see that Death Valley is going to be in the 100s and over 110 next week. I hope your travel network shared someplace nice and cool to hang out.

  6. There you go, does not sound like their precautions are up to much either


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