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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

First Night Rest

I just wanted to get through Los Angeles before stopping for the day.  It was a 330 mile drive that first day and it felt good having that all behind us.  It was a great, stress-free drive without even one time having to touch the brakes due to traffic.  Smooth sailing and enjoyable, something I doubt I will ever experience again for southern California.  There was so much to see all the way too. .  Remember, we had been in the vast emptiness (and quiet) of the desert for six months.  There was a nice rest area at the top of Tejon Pass north of San Fernando.  We had a nice spot at the end away from the truck area and slept well - with ear plugs in place.  Too much noise outside for Beans to be comfortable going out.  The next day we would drop down into the Central Valley and head north on Interstate 5.

- to be continued -

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  1. Must feel very weird to come from the desert and find the cities deserted too.


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