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Friday, May 8, 2020

I Had Plans

I had plans for the summer.  Didn't we all?  I was going to travel east and explore more of Texas and then continue on into the Deep South.  I loved traveling in the southern states when Sinbad was with me.  I wanted to now show it to Beans.  But then the world went off the rails and I had to figure out what to do.  The plan was to stay where it was safe In Quartzsite for longer than what we did.  The unexpected excessive heat build up saw to that.  Where to go, what to do?  I didn't want to do what we did last year and the year before - drive up to Montana or Idaho.  Something new was needed.  With no real destination in mind I decided to go back to the house on the way to a new travel plan.  There I would do a few things, take it easy, be safe and move on in time.

Our view from our new "camp".

Yes, we're parked in front of the house.
But hey, it is quiet, only in the seventies and I'm being fed well. 
We'll take that.


  1. John, when did this wanderlust strike you? What did you do before?

  2. I guess I could say I was born with it. All the men on my father's side were world travelers. Sadly my father died in his early twenties so I don't know if he too was infected with the wanderlust or not.

  3. Looks like an excellent spot to wait it all out. I finally figured out how to use the Kindle my wife got me for my birthday last summer, and after I finished a quick Jack Reacher novel downloaded from the library, my second download was your book, Sinbad and I. So nice to start from way back at the beginning, especially as I will be in the "newly retired" category myself in a couple of years. And I too will be traveling without my wife, who is 11 years younger and not close to being able to pull the pin.

    1. I've read all of Lee Child's Jack Reacher books except for those of the last few years. Great books. Sinbad and I isn't as exciting :)) but with you knowing beforehand what I am doing now you'll see how I slowly ended up choosing this lifestyle. Don't hesitate in following your dream.


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