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Monday, May 4, 2020

Los Angeles

Traffic all the way into the Los Angeles area was light, a good sign and something I sort of expected what with everyone quarantined to their homes.  All along the way I was able to see first hand the effects of the pandemic.  Stores, malls, restaurants, amusement areas, car dealerships, casinos, well most everything closed with empty parking lots.  It was an incredible sight to see for I know all too well what this entire area normally looked like having grown up in southern California.  I came through Glendora and dropped onto the Pasadena freeway.  This freeway runs along the base of those mountains in the distance, the San Gabriel Mountains.  I was stunned to be able to see the Los Angeles Civic Center sitting on the distant horizon.  So imagine us way over there beneath the snow capped mountains looking this direction. There was no smog.  I am not exaggerating when I say you in normal conditions can drive along that freeway at the base of the mountains and not even be able to see the mountains right out your window as you drive along.

This photo had to be taken after a heavy rain.  That is the only time the air is clean in southern California.  Well that and when there is a pandemic going on.   

(I had to use this Internet photo for my camera couldn't show the distant tall buildings)

- to be continued - 


  1. Yes that is only one of the benefits of this whole disaster Corona pandemic....

  2. No smog. That is a silver lining!

    It must have been eerie to see L.A. like that.


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