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Thursday, May 14, 2020


That is what it is called when you are parked at a house camping.  Technically I should be hooked up to electricity with an extension cord and have a garden hose screwed in on the side to really be moochdocking.  Since I'm not doing either maybe I'm just a squatter.

I'm earning my keep though by digging holes for plants, erecting bird houses, hanging plants, checking downspouts, replacing sprinkler heads, setting up yard art and a bunch of other fix-it jobs around the house along with building a rock wall.

For all of this I am being fed well.  I haven't eaten this good in a long time.

The view out the back.

The golf course just reopened for play this weekend after over a month of shutdown.

The view from the dining room.  The 14th tee.

In case you were wondering, Beans is having a ball running around the house.  When I first adopted her three years ago she had spent only five days in the house before we took off on the road.  Last year we stopped by here at this time and she seemed to remember.  This time there was no doubt.  I set her down on the floor and she was very comfortable walking off doing a quick check of each room then taking off hauling ass around the house literally jumping up bouncing off the walls.
But after awhile she's ready to go back out to her home she knows best.


  1. That is certainly a delightful view when you are dining, but I hope no golf balls come through the window! Good to know you are earning your keep by doing all the odd jobs that need fixing. Nice to feel useful. Beans looks very comfy reclining on the mat.

  2. Beans looks content wherever you are!

  3. I see Beans has adopted a supervisory role. You've taught me a new word, though I can't imagine it ever being of any use to me!

  4. Nice place, I'd be happy moochdocking there

  5. Wow so you got a house❤
    Big hug to Beans❤


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