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Saturday, May 16, 2020

More RV Maintenance

Recording on my chart the oil change I noticed the air and fuel filters were due for a change.  No better time than now.  I placed an order online from my supplier in San Diego.  Not even thirty minutes had passed since I had pushed the Paypal button on the order than I received an email from Europarts: Your Order Has Been Shipped.  Egads!  The poor guy must not have anything else to do being locked down in his shop during this CORVID-19 debacle.

I had to wait a couple of days for the rain to stop and give me some dry time out front.
I miss the warm dry desert.

I removed the cover to the large air filter and was very surprised to find this.

      I really had hoped he was the rat that had caused me all those problems back at Camp Quarantine
                            but that guy is now minus his tail and here you can see a tail.

It was just a plain old house mouse, dried and mummified. 

 I picked him up by the tail and he was stiff as a board with no weight.  
I must have picked him up early last year.

I thought about it some and there was no reason he couldn't back out and leave the way he came in unless he was there when I started up the engine and the intake of air was too great for him to crawl back against.  What do you think?


  1. Poor wee mousie! But he is perfectly preserved. Must have been that dry desert air. I wonder why they have such long tails, there must be a reason.

  2. I can understand you yearning to get back to the desert air.
    Dead animals can often be a puzzle - one of the puzzles, I think, being that given how many must dies we see so few of them.
    I think the most puzzling I came across was a completely flattened rabbit (or hare) skeleton on the grass in a park.


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