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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Second Night Rest

We drove all day, well all day considering a late we're-no-hurry-start in the morning and an early let's-call-it-a-day stop in the early afternoon for the next rest stop.  I only drove a little over 200 miles but was more tired than the evening before.  Oh the days of my youth when I could drive for 500 plus miles like it was nothing.  

Beans rides in my lap all the time and never really falls asleep.  So when we stop, she's pooped.

The next day we were facing driving through the Bay Area, up the East Bay past Oakland.  Not a fun prospect.  The only way Bay Area traffic differs from Los Angeles area traffic is it is not on such a vast scale in area, but the congestion can be the same, just for not as long.  
But I had high hopes based upon what we experienced down south.

- to be continued -

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