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Monday, May 11, 2020

Sorry Dad, But I Wanted My Banana

I went to Walmart for a few items, put the bag in the RV then went to return the shopping cart to the cart corral.  Yeah, I’m one of those few people who do not leave their carts lying higgledy piggledy about in the parking lot.  When I returned to the RV someone had got into the bag of groceries.

Dad, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Oh man...that’s some good catnip!

So cute.


  1. Help with unpacking groceries is always much appreciated. :)

  2. She was just trying to save you the time of unpacking.

  3. I recognize Bean's starry glazed over eyes. Know he isn't responsible for the next 10-15 minutes, for whatever he does! Enjoy your day with your stoned cat!!


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