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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The COVID-19 Trip Advisor

Where to go and what route to take.  That is a usual quandary for me.  While checking out my Weather.com app one day I noticed the COVID-19 button in the lower right corner.  When clicking on that it brings up a map showing the reported coronavirus cases by counties all across the nation.

We are currently at the middle bottom of the map, the San Francisco Bay area.  See those white blank counties up through the right-hand side of California and then on into central Oregon?  Looks like a good place to be to me.  And so our route has been chosen for us, thank you COVID-19.


  1. Can see your point . . . but just wondering . . . isn't that going to be how the virus is likely to spread, people moving from the pink areas to the white?

  2. Do you have to check out the availability of camping areas too?

    1. Yes and I am finding many closed. This will be challenging and probably will have an upcoming post about it.


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