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Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Last 'Normal' Photo on Your Phone

An article came in on my news feed from the BBC where they asked for your last 'normal' photo on your phone before the world went haywire and we all began social distancing.  Hundreds responded sending in their photos.  This intrigued me so I went back and looked through my photos to see what I had.  I had to dig a little finding one preferably with people in it as that would mean more.  What I learned?  I need to take more pictures with people in them.  Well in order to do that I need to be around people more.  Oh what a conundrum for me.  Anyway, here is my contribution. 

The Grand Canyon from September last year.  Look how happy and carefree everyone is and no masks!  It is doubtful I/we shall ever see a scene like this again for a very long time to come.
What is in your phone?



  1. That's a great example. I was biking around the city yesterday and was surprised how busy the shopping district in Chinatown was. There was no social distancing, but everyone wore a mask. You'd think they were begging for an outbreak, but to my knowledge there hasn't been one. Makes you wonder.

  2. P.S. I have a phone shot from March 13 showing a very crowded grocery store and no one wearing a mask. That was when the hoarding started, but before the restrictions began.

  3. I saw the same invitation to look at our last 'normal' photo - and realised I don't really have 'normal' photos - all mine are of leaves and things!


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