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Thursday, May 7, 2020


This is the 680 freeway in the East Bay!  This thing is always packed bumper to bumper!
There must be an apocalypse going on.  Where are the zombies?

The Carquinez Bridge at Martinez before crossing over San Francisco Bay into the North Bay counties.  
I forgot to take pictures.  I was too busy trying to dig out the five dollar toll fee.  
It usually has lines of cars like this.

This is what I came up upon.  
The CASH signs instead read: No Cash. The bill will be sent to you. Check your mail. 
There were no toll booth employees.  The coronavirus took care of that.  
Really, the last few days felt like I had driven into the Twilight Zone.

- to be continued -

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  1. This HAS to be the easiest drive you've ever done, surely?!!


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