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Friday, May 1, 2020

What Happened to My Neighbor?

This photo is from months earlier.  
Theresa from Minnesota camped in this minivan.  Camp Quarantine is off to the right.  That is Beans' tree there to the right of her minivan.  When it was getting real hot she'd leave for the afternoon and not come back until just before dark.  I wondered where she went, thinking it was somewhere to get cool, but she had two little dogs with her and she would never leave them in the car. 
When I planned to leave I was going to go over and say goodbye and offer her four gallons of water.  But she never returned from the day before and her car was still gone when we left the next morning.

All of her camp gear was still there so she'd be back.

Yep, this pile was like this for months through dust storms, rain or shine.
She was a heavy-set woman, at least 300 pounds and probably still in her thirties.
I felt bad for her.

I remember her snowman by the roadside from last year so she must come here each year.
I'll get an answer to my question next year when I see her.

- to be continued -


  1. I hope she's OK but it doesn't look good just abandoning camp like that.

  2. Hopefully she hadn't taken ill or her pups injured. So many scenarios are running through my mind right now.

  3. Wow how do People really live??Iam schocked!For me it looks likea gipsy!But they may have a good life and one never know why some prefers to live like this..Dont anyone miss her?I would ask around..she could be dead or or or something bad happened to her
    I hope everything will turn out good

  4. I find it hard to understand how people live that way, but everyone can make their own choices and just because it wouldn't suit me, it could be a perfect way of life for someone else. But I hope she found somewhere cool to stay, to get away from the heat.


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