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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Bath Time for Bonzo

(the title of this post is from an Abbott and Costello movie)

I clean up each evening with baby wipes or a sponge bath.  Occasionally I break out the Solar Shower.  I put in three gallons of water and lay the shower bag in the sun to heat up.  This time it got too hot and I had to add another gallon to cool it down some.  Here at Sisters camp I had a nice tree limb to hang the bag from which is not always the case.  That is the only bad part about this system.  I'm not as strong as I once was and it's a bit of an effort for me to heft the bag up that high.  As I wrote that I remembered I had rigged up a pulley system back at Camp Quarantine in Arizona.  
Now what did I do with it?  I forgot all about it.  Next time.

You may be wondering so I'll answer your questions now.  Yes the RV has a shower.  I've used it maybe three times.  It is a waste of water.  I have to heat the water for at least fifteen minutes which is a waste of propane running the hot water heater tank.  Everything gets wet in the shower stall.  Back in the day I kept Sinbad's litter box in there so I had to be sure there was no litter in the drain and then would have to wipe the shower area dry.  Too much waste and trouble so I always used the shower facilities in the campground or RV park we were staying in.  Oh the stories I could tell.  Now I never stay in RV parks anymore. Having Beans I have removed the passenger seat and installed a litter box cabinet for the home in that spot.  The shower is now being used as a food pantry and to hang clothes.



  1. I was amused at the shower mat.... don't want to get your feet muddy.

  2. I too was surprised by the shower mat. But it makes sense. Along with the little table with the towel and the promise of really warm water - it seems wonderfully luxurious.

  3. Do you shower nude or in shorts? (asking for a friend)


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