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Monday, June 29, 2020

Habitat for Humanity - part two

I went back to the Habitat for Humanity thrift store.  This time I was ready, leaving camp later so I would arrive after 11 am.  I walked up to the store and there’s a line to go inside.  I asked the line monitor “You have to stand in line to go in?”  She told me “We can only allow 15 people in at one time.  Governor’s orders or they will shut us down.” I looked through the door into the expansive store and could only see three people.  So with supposedly fifteen already in there plus the six standing in line, do you know how long it will take six old ladies to browse around a thrift shop before this old man could go inside to look at the books? You know how I am with standing in lines, so you’ll not be surprised to learn that I turned around and left.  Someday I’ll make it in there.  It’s become a quest now.  Jeez Louise!  This plays right in to a post coming up for the first of the month.

One good thing from my wasted trip into town was that I stopped along the way and built a turn marker.  Too many times I’ve missed the turn off the logging road onto my dirt road to camp.

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