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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Horses, Lamas and a Pit Bull

I went for a bicycle ride up the dirt road near camp that eventually turns into a paved road. 
 The road passes by several huge ranches. 
Fancy places.  Lots of money.
They were all set back too far for any photos. 

Horses are a big thing here.  
I haven't seen any cattle grazing.

But I did see two lamas.  Why do people have lamas?  They don't ride them.  They don't eat them.  You can't milk them.  Are they pets?  It's not like they can sit in your lap.
Why have lamas?

A late 40's or early 50's Chevrolet.
I'd take that over a horse.
Or a lama.

I passed by this.  I've seen them before in my travels. We need more of these everywhere.  
Soon after I was chased by a pit bull.  Fortunately he had no ill intent but it was unnerving nevertheless.  Why do people have pit bull dogs?  They are lots of nice dogs out there needing homes.

I went back the next day on Gracie to trade a paperback for one in the library.  The pit bull didn't show.  But I was on the Honda so I was ready.  The lama was in the very exact same spot.
What a boring life.


  1. In the UK they are mainly bought by people with more land than they know what to do with; usually people who've always wanted to live in the countryside, buy a big old farmhouse and are then dismayed that it comes with several acres of ground. They buy llamas to graze the land and keep it tidy as they are less troublesome to look after than sheep or cattle and, since they are regarded as pets rather than farm-animals, there's less legislation and paperwork to deal with.

  2. Are they llamas or alpacas? The wool of either of these creatures can be harvested and spun into a lovely soft yarn.

  3. Llamas are sometimes used as guard animals to protect sheep and goats from coyotes and foxes. Not sure if that is the purpose here.

  4. That's a beautiful old truck. I really hate loose pit bulls. I've had a few run up on me while out hiking. Never sure about their intent, so very scary!


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