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Friday, July 10, 2020

The Sweat pants

I went to the Bi-Mart store again, the mini Walmart-like store.  I was checking on their supplies of WD-40.  Nope.  But I walked down the clothing aisle to leave the store and saw sweat pants.  Well I could use a new pair for my old ones were threadbare plus I burned a hole in the butt when I backed up to the stove one morning.  Polyester melts you know.  So I figured I'd get a new pair for the chilly mornings.  Back home, guess who claimed them straight away.  Thanks Dad.

Oh, and I chose check-out lane number one again so I could sit on the wood stools in the shoe section while waiting in line.  The same friendly check-out lady was there.  That must be her station.  Seniority I assume.  This day she wasn't wearing her face shield, but a cloth mask instead.  I had to ask.  She said it gets so scratched up and dirty it is hard use and she hadn't cleaned it yet.  I reminded her about the day I couldn't understand what she was saying and the cloth mask was much better.  She says "I know, but I get people telling me they can't understand me with the mask either.  Ya just can't please them all.  Be safe on your motorcycle."


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