A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Waiting Patiently

She was at the end of her rope waiting for a lizard to reappear.

I unhooked the cord to give here some slack.

The lizard never came back out and I ran out of patience.  
Not her.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Hunting For Free Libraries

Armed with a screenshot of the map from the LittleFreeLibrary site in my photos in the iPhone I went looking for the other two library stands in town.
I already saw the one in the lower left by the city park.

The next one in a quiet residential neighborhood was adorned with Lego siding.
No books of interest for me.

The last one on the far end of town also had no books of interest.
But it was still fun looking for these libraries 
as it took me through unexplored parts of the town of Sisters.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Abandoned Car

Coming back from a water run I took a short detour down to where a small river (or large creek) flowed.  Nearby I came across this abandoned Ford Explorer.

Excuse me, not abandoned.

Oh boy let me tell you something crawled in there and died.  It stunk bad.

Yep, looks like Andrew has a problem.

Well judging by the date on this second notice and it being the first of August now, 
I don't think Andrew is coming back. 


Oh yeah, Andrew has a big problem.  He has dropped the gas tank to access the fuel pump.  This brings to mind something I have always wondered: what were the automotive engineers thinking when they designed later model cars to have the fuel pump inside of the gas tank?

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Little Free Library

I mentioned in a earlier post about finding the little library box along the road in the country.
Well I found this one in town right across from the park where I get my water.  The only reason I noticed it was that I saw a couple had parked their car and walked up to it.

I saw this small placard inside.  Back home I checked out the site.  Well Ill be!  There is a map where all these little free libraries are located all across the country.  There are even two more here in the town of Sisters.  A lot of the time I have books I would like to give away and hang on to them until I find one of these Little Free Library boxes in a town we pass through.  Now knowing of this site will make passing on my books so much easier.  And yes, I did find a book here for myself.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Sisters Rodeo Grounds

Right next door to the rich folk RV park was the entrance into the rodeo grounds.
 The gate was open so I rode in on my bicycle.

I was very happy to see this.
This was the best part I referred to on the previous post.

Now I could go home the back way and not have to ride my bicycle along the highway when I headed for the RV park earlier.  Believe me, this was NOT fun!
That gravel shoulder was too soft to ride in for the most part.

The rodeo is held in June and being we were here all of June nothing happened.

It must have been COVID-19 canceled.

Boy it was nice to not have to ride back along that highway.

Monday, August 10, 2020

How the Rich Folk Camp

As I said I would, I rode my bicycle over to the high rent district a mile or so away from where we are camped in the National Forest...for free.

This is the Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort, a five star rated Good Sam Park.
The rates are: $55 a night, $327 a week and $675 plus electric for a month from Oct.  
Okay ready?  From May the monthly rate increases to $1155 plus electric.
There are lots of rules and regulations, too many to list here.
One thing I did notice, not a single person I saw wore a face mask. 
Perhaps it just hasn’t made the list yet.

They have cabins available.  
Single room - $65 a night, $386 a week.  Two room - $71 a night, $422 a week.

 Yes, it is very nice...

 ...if you don't mind having neighbors. 
Okay, I will get this out of the way here.  I would not be happy staying here thinking of the money I would be spending just to park the Little House on the Highway.  Truth be known, even if I could stay here for free I would not be happy here.

(click on these panorama shots for a better view)

Upon check in they will escort you to your site where you will have water, electric, basic cable TV and garbage pick up. Really? You just set your Hefty trash bag out behind your rig and they pick it up?

It is nicely landscaped and well taken care of.
"Keep your dog off the grass".
There was a designated dog area.
Wonder if I would get in trouble walking Beans through here?

Miniature golf.

Heated pool and hot tub plus a laundry room, convenience store and "luxury bathhouses".
I guess they mean restrooms and showers.

Oh but the best part for me was...
(next post)

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Defund the Media

I have been without data on my phone plan for most of the week.  Somehow I used up my monthly allotment of 20 GB.  Usually each month I have a wee bit left over.  I have my suspicions as to what happened.  Anyway, everything was operating at dial-up speed taking forever to load.
I don't read the news but I do scan through my news feed each evening looking for something worthy of reading.  In doing so it not possible to avoid the headlines.  Seeing them tells you more than you really want to know.  At any rate since the cell service was operating at glacier speed I didn't even bother scanning the news.  It was pretty nice not knowing anything.  I felt good all week.

I'll get a new allowance of data tomorrow.  I'm seriously considering no more scanning the news.  If there is a way to view noteworthy news items that is not political, not COVID-19 related, not about protesting mayhem, violence and death, and not about Brad & Jenn, Johnny Depp, Ellen DeGeneres, the Kardashians, the Royal Family (my concerns with anything having to do with the Royal Family ended in 1776)...okay, I'll stop.
I do have one app called Good News Network.  It is nice.
Let me know if you have anything else.   Thank you.

And on a related subject, after the rain I did another sweep of the area collecting trash, 
the small bits that I passed over when we first arrived.
Filled an entire plastic bag I did.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Found Another Tool to Restore

This was right behind our camp very near where I had found the pliers when we first arrived.

This is how close it was, you can see it in the foreground.  We've must have been through here dozens of times in the past two months.  The only thing I can think of was the rain uncovered it.

Nice find Beans.  Thank you.
Sure thing Dad.  No problem.

Now where did that chipmunk go?

Let's see what I can do with this.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Rain Storm

We had a nice little rain storm roll through the area.    Here is our driveway darken by the wet.

The real interesting part was east of us probably over Bend, Oregon.  Lots of lightening and thunder.  I love the sound of rolling thunder.  Beans doesn't mind it in the least.  Sinbad hated it.
This is after the dark clouds moved on.

The rain wasn't heavy but they were big drops that left the area with a fresh smell which I like.  There are a few bits of sage brush around and there is no better smell than wet sage in the desert.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Sandwich Meat Shortage

The selection of lunch meat at the store has been like this for nearly two months now.

I am not about to pay for this high-priced meat.
My desperation meter is still quite low.

Meanwhile at the city park, how does one lose an iPad?

Can you imagine the phone calls this individual received?
"Can you provide a description the iPad you lost?"

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Hot Beans

We had a warm spell over the weekend.  Pushing a hundred degrees a couple of days it was.  We are under shade and there is usually a breeze so it was tolerable.  Beans will hang out underneath the RV while I sit outside.  Sometimes she's on the step just relaxin'.
What a great cat.

Don't mind me Dad, I'll just hop up here between your feet.

I'm bored Dad.  How are we gonna manage another month here?
Good question Beans.

I will never catch that tongue out again.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

I Met the Local Crazy Lady

Cheri was her name.  I think she was half sloshed already and it wasn't even 11 a.m.

I had stopped at my water source at the city park.  I set my four water jugs down and as I was screwing on the hose she yelled over to me “Don't use that.  That is yellow water.  Go over there on the other side of the gazebo.  There is white water there.”  I gave her a wave of the hand thinking I never heard water referred to that way before.
She hollered at me again.
“That’s yellow water.  Over there by the gazebo is a faucet and hose with white water.  Nice and cold fresh out of the creek.”  Think about that for a moment.
She wasn't going to give up.  I was told a third time.
Finally I asked. “Where does this water come from?”
“The shit hole.”
“Well you would think they’d have a sign here Non Potable Water.  Anyway, this isn't for drinking” I informed her.
She gave up and waved me off

When I was finished and loaded my four jugs of yellow water on the bike I walked over to check out the white water source.  There was no faucet or hose that I saw.

When I returned Cheri was involved with another woman in a discussion about dog poop bags.