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Thursday, April 15, 2021

What a Difference!

The next day I could see that the old geezer across the dirt road in a beat up old Ford van pulling a much too large Airstream trailer for just him alone was preparing to leave.  I sent Amanda a text.  “Hey, I think the old guy is leaving!”  She texted back asking if I could get ready to go grab it.  It is easier for me to move on quick notice than her.  Well it was no big rush because the grumpy old fart (yes, I tried to be neighborly the day before and he barely acknowledged my existence) took forever to get going.  As soon as he cleared out hours later I rolled across the road and staked our claim.

Being the nice guy that I am I let Amanda have the shady spot beneath the large cottonwood tree. Truth of the matter is that it is cooler here and I wanted to be in the sun to keep warm, but we won’t tell her that.

And look at this nice river front view complete with discarded old tires I have from my dining area.  What a difference just moving across the road made.  We were much happier here and probably will stay longer than what we were planning.


  1. It does sound nice that you're camping on the Rio Grand!

  2. You saved your RV and solar panels bird sh*t.

  3. Watch out for the bugs, critters and migrants!!

  4. Enjoy it while you can! I just read an article that the Rio Grande hasn't gone dry in New Mexico in 30 years, but they think this summer might do it.


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