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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Columbus, Montana


The town originally was just a stagecoach stop along the Yellowstone River.  When the railroad came through that all changed.

I rode my bicycle through town to see what there was to see.  Not much.  The town is just a little over two thousand in population. I can imagine back in the day folks stepping off the train at the town’s depot.

They would walk across the then dusty dirt expanse to the Line Block Hotel (est. 1908) and seek accommodations.  The place to the left of the hotel read Sam Webb.  The bank stood at the far corner to the right.  The other buildings could have been places to eat and drink, or shops of a different nature.

The next block down was the Columbus Mercantile Co.
This was about it for the “old town” I could find during my bicycle ride.
Oh, the town has two hardware stores, Ace and True Value each right across the street from the other.
What were they thinking? That’s convenient for the shopper at least. 

On a related note I found this interesting.
How long it took to get from New York City to various parts of the country in 1830.


  1. Interesting 1830 map with travel times to/from NY. The buildings are all so uniform, and stone rather than timber. They were built to last!

  2. Interesting post! I like traveling via your blog!


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