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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Doing a Little Better


Picnic Springs, South Dakota

Saturday morning I was able to stand up straight when I walked so I decided I would let Beans out for a short walk just around this new campsite.  Poor girl, she hadn’t been out in four days let alone explore this new piece of land.  I am still moving real slow but that is fine with her.  She just has to walk along the edge of the cliff behind us where it is straight down for over a hundred feet.  Geez, Beans!

I couldn’t get a picture because I was dizzy already.

We finished our little circuit and going back to the RV when all of a sudden her harness broke!  OH NO!!  I was worn out and just would not have the energy to track her down in the woods.  For some reason as soon as it broke she just stood there.  I walked up to her praying she’d stay put and not run off playing with me.  She let me scoop her up; I hugged her and was ever so thankful to have her in my arms.
Back inside I was wiped out physically and now emotionally thinking of what could have been.

I know you’re not feeling good dad.  Don’t worry about me.

Later I was able to stitch the piece back on and it should last.  I bought this harness way back for Sinbad and have never been able to find another like it.  It is the easy to do and undo clasp that I like on it which you can see by her leg.  There is a lady in Quartzsite that will make a custom pet harness and this winter I will see if she can make a duplicate of this one.  At least she could sew a new loop on better.


  1. Glad you're starting to feel better.....!

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon. Glad you planned to spend some time there...and Beans get a special rub under her chin for being such a good girl!


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