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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Taking Chances or Not

 North Shore, Trout Creek, Montana

The first day here I went down to check out the lake.  There was a boat ramp and two docks.  The water looked good and felt right.  I would have to take a dip while here for sure.

A few days later on another walk down to the lake I noticed this on the information board among the two dozen other informational signs.  

Hmm...maybe I need to reconsider the dip.

Gee, it looks nice...
 I decided not to risk the water cooties.

Over the years I have developed a policy at pay-to-sleep camps.  I pay for only one day at a time.  Too often I have paid for more than one day only to regret doing so for some undesirable moved in next to us that very afternoon.  Now then I was stuck with dealing with them or forfeit my paid days.  Here I had some good (quiet) neighbors after I had moved and thought I would live on the wild side (since I didn’t go swimming) so at the end of the week I paid for two days at once.
What a risk taker I am.

As you read this on Sunday we will be moving on westward for Idaho.


  1. Love the water photos, especially the second one, that water is so clear and beautiful! I don't want any water cooties either!

  2. We have swimmers itch in our lake too. A good brisk rubdown with a rough towel after the dip takes care of the itchies


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