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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Our Neighbors


Looking north into Beans’ hunting grounds.

Looking east into the morning sun.


...and west.

There are none!

Why?  Is it that difficult to put into a plastic bag and take with you?

Today’s rock art feature is something I can see in the far distance from my dining table window.

What is really amazing is that it shows up on the Google satellite image.
The blue dot at the bottom is where we are and the black arrow points to a white speck,
the stack of white rock.


  1. Great collectables! And not. I do like your surroundings, and compare it to mine. No, stop! OK, I enjoyed yours. Ain't technology grand!

  2. I love the views! I just can't understand why people don't dispose of their trash the way they should. I wonder what their home looks like.

    I like your rock art!


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