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Monday, November 5, 2007

If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected happens.

When asked "When are you leaving?", often I've said that once ready I would leave when the weather turns crappy. Here it is November and we're having glorious springtime-like weather. I'll not allow global warming to deter me any longer. I am ready to go and plan to pull up anchor and set off on our journey this Thursday the 8th. This will allow us a couple days to reach El Mirage Dry Lake in the Mojave desert. The final time trails of the year for Bonneville type race cars will be held on the 10th & 11th and I would like to see the cars and motorcycles run. This provides a good opportunity to get the show on the road. And so, ready as we can be, Sinbad and I begin our travels.


Bonnie said...

This is the second write to you, John. Google wouldn't let me get through. Glad you're on your way, and hope you render many unexpecteds as rich and valuable.

Bon Voyage, Arrivedereci, etc...
Mostly, Love, Bonnie

wanderlust Nancy said...

Hey Jack...i have emailed you but am now blogging for the first time. We wish you "Happy Trails" and many great adventures. We will miss you terribly but know the time is now to experience life to its fullest. Many hugs are sent with my very first blog....your longtime friends....Nancy and Dale

Cin & Wayne said...

"Happy Trails" Jack! We hope that you will have many wonderful adventures. Although we will miss you we will be "with" you vicariously through your travels. Please take lots of pictures, drive careful and enjoy the hell out of it all. All the best of everything to you and Sinbad.
XOXO Cin & Wayne

Capt. Cabernet said...

Dear View Man,

Sorry I did not get to say "good-bye and good luck" verbally, but I'm glad that you are finally off on your big adventure - and in such fine style. Not like our Land Rover trips of the past, huh? Careful with that rig since it has no winch! I don't want to get a call to come pull you out of the muck somewhere.

Don't feel bad. The weather turned cold and rainy the day after you left.

Good luck!

Captain Cabernet