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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The drive out from Capital Reef was on a Scenic by-way and they weren’t kidding. It was spectacular. The aspens are just beginning to turn and a couple weeks from now should be gorgeous. Now imagine that against a backdrop of red Navajo Sandstone cliffs and formations as far as the horizon. Magnificant. Yet I would not have seen this had I continued on with the plan, but I did not. I turned away. Most every day has been a struggle to continue on. The novelty of road tripping alone has worn off after all these years. I miss my wife and am returning home to be with her.

Capital Reef Nat. Monument

We came to a fork in the road and paused not knowing to go left or right. I decided left and soon found us at Capital Reef National Monument. This little park is an unknown treasure and I shouldn't mention it here, but no one reads this anyway so no harm done. It is like a mini Zion. Ten Mormon families once lived here planting orchards of fruits of all kinds which are still there today. The apples are delicious. The 70 spot campground sits in a grassy meadow within these orchards. There are an abundance of hiking trails among the Navajo Sandstone cliffs and canyons. This place is truly a gem.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bonneville Salt Flats

Wow! The first thing I see before driving onto the salt is standing water, and you must drive through it! This was not so last time I was here 5 years ago. Egads, this is nasty stuff. Not something you want to get on your vehicle. And people back east drive in this stuff every winter? Nutz! I crawled through it very slowly and was pleased to see only the tires and fender wells had any salt deposits when I reached the pit area. But you should have seen some of the other cars! It was nice to be among all the racing machinery. The temperatures were in the 90's and the glare from the sun off the salt was intense. Even though I was slowly feeling better I thought it best not to linger in these conditions for the four days as it was very draining. I was okay with that and left the following day. I'll come back another time as I understand they have a meet in August for motorcycles only. Now that's for me.

This is what I thought was really neat. A street luge powered by a motorcycle engine. Imagine lying on your back, inches from the salt surface going 100 mph. Now imagine this being piloted by a woman. Where can I buy one?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another rough start

After a year and a half layoff we finally got back on the road only with my getting a sore throat the first night in Nevada. I hoped it was just the result of the dust and wind we drove through the afternoon before, but such was not the case. I've been feeling poorly all week although the sore throat eventually did go away. Driving is not as much fun as it usually is with one day only logging in 19 miles. Much of the time was spent lying down, napping and doing nothing. Now several days later I'm doing better and beginning to enjoy the trip finally. Sinbad too has settled in to the routine. It usually takes him a couple of days.
This post is from Ely Nevada, the turning off point from Highway 50, one of my favorite drives along with Highway 395 along the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. From here we will head north for a Bonneville Salt Flats and the speed trials this weekend.