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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The motorcycles, just one of my many pleasures in life

While many parts of the country are enduring snow and freezing temperatures, here in Sonoma County the weather is wonderful in comparison. The last few days the thermometer is nudging against the 70 degree mark which makes for great days to take a motorcycle ride. Yesterday I went for an 80 mile ride up north and back. The 1986 450 Honda I ride the most, especially for longer rides. It is a nice riding bike, smooth and comfortable. Not a Cadillac ride, but more like the family car.
The 1980 Yamaha 250 is the fun ride. Quick, lightweight and nimble. Fun on curvy windy roads, especially in the mountains. This is the sports car equivalent. Both motorcycles I've changed many components on where they now bare little resemblance to how they came from the factory. More interesting is the fact that I paid more for the mountain bike than I did for these two motorcycles combined.

Lastly is my little 1979 Honda Trail 90. I picked up this little scooter with the intent to carry around on the back of the motorhome. The last road trip I took it along for it's first trip out and never took it down from the rack. Now I wonder if I will bother to take it again as I'd rather spend my time hiking or riding a bicycle. Still it does serve a good purpose around home enabling me to get to the various trail heads for hikes in Annadel.

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