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Monday, February 8, 2010

Rain, Consumerism & China

When you are homebound due to constant day to day rain there isn’t much else to do but read, watch TV and be on the computer. Reading is the greatest but I get logy after awhile and fall asleep. That seems such a waste to sleep during the day. Plus it messes up my entire sleep-wake pattern. It goes without saying, watching TV is simply a waste for the most part. All’s left is the computer and after time you wind up buying things through eBay, Amazon.com and the like. This is what happened to me. It was raining and I was missing out on walks and hikes. “Now if I had some decent rain gear” I thought, “I would be out in it”. So I researched, read reviews and ordered a set from a golf supply warehouse through Amazon. But now what about my feet? They get wet wearing regular running shoes, and as for hiking in the mud and slop of Annadel, my desert shoes were getting messed up. Gore-Tex seemed to be the answer. I researched, read reviews and ordered a pair of Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots. My around-the-house-Birkenstocks were close to 30 years old and I’d get comments all the time from the wife about their state of disrepair. “Perhaps I should replace them.” I looked about online, did the research, read more reviews and selected a clog type pair of Keens. Days passed and the rain continued. I dreamed of long hikes in the park this spring. “If go on longer hikes I ought to pack a sandwich.” I don’t care to wear backpacks and I carry enough already in my shoulder bag, so much so, that a sandwich would get smashed. I thought a fanny pack might work to carry some of the bulky gear like my camera. I found one I liked on eBay even if it was only available in camo. My efforts in trying to come up with some way to pack along a tripod wasn’t working out. “Maybe there might be something on eBay.” After some searching I found a nice soft case with shoulder strap that should be ideal. Why am writing about all of this? Because it all arrived last week and every single item was made in China! The quality all looks good (by Chinese standards) as I didn’t buy cheap, but the fact remains, you are hard pressed these days to purchase anything not made in China.

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