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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Learning Day

I read yesterday that the Madrone tree is sometimes called the "refrigerator tree" for they are always cool to the touch. I did not know this. So I took a hike into Annadale today to see if this was true. Here is a Madrone standing right out in the sun and sure enough, the smooth part was cool. The rough fire scarred portion did not feel as so though.

The young bucks are growing out their velvet covered antlers.

In this blog I follow the author takes these wonderful photographs and each day he has a new selection to view. Even the most simplest of subjects he makes interesting with his camera. One was of Volunteer Oats - which I didn't know were called as such until I read his blog. Okay, he is who I learned about the " Refrigerator Tree" from. Anyway, I thought I'd try an oat photo.

At my lunch spot I disturbed a Canada Goose family with downy fluffed babies tagging along. The parents guided the little ones away, left them unattended in the reeds somewhere and returned thinking I would toss them a handout. At least they are not teaching their offspring their bad habits.

Also there was a first for me, a Ruddy Duck. I didn't take this photo, but wanted to show how pretty and unusual they are.

So I learned a few things and saw some new things today. A good day overall. Now if I could only learn how to take really good pictures or not have to steal them from the internet.

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