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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Cactus Garden

For the last three days I've been working on the cactus garden. I only stay out there until noon when the sun hits it fully, that's why it took three days. Even at that my back was sore each evening. The main object was to dig a trench along the sidewalk then level it back some. Along the sidewalk I placed the slabs of rock I backpacked down from the hill a few weeks ago. Last winter the rains washed some of the material out onto the sidewalk due to the slope of the property, so I will see how this goes come winter. After removing all the rocks and artifacts collected over the years I planted some more cactus that were still in pots. When we moved in a year ago I kind of just threw everything in there and now I have the time I can finish the job correctly. Next was to spread three kitty litter containers full of desert and playa dirt around, and finally replace the rock and all. It looks good now but when fall comes all the leaves from the trees across the street will blow in there. Groan. And then comes the rain. Hopefully the trench and larger slabs of stone will stem the flow and the playa dirt will help cement it all together.