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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Little Things That Lift My Spirit

    This morning was a hike at Sonoma Mountain Regional Park down the road. Things have changed a lot since last there on Father's day. There are very few wildflowers left and the grasses are dry and brown. Yet this red thistle caught my attention.
   Yesterday was a mountain bike ride in Annadel at the east end of the park. Now that I have a car I can explore new trails without having to ride 5 miles or so on roads to get to them. Even though I was on my way by 9 am in order to beat the heat, it was still hot. The first two miles were all up, on a narrow rocky trail, and out in the sun for the most part. Near the top I was wet with sweat as if soaked by a water hose, which by the way would have been nice. Not feeling too good I rested in the shade for awhile after testing my cell phone calling home just to see if I could be rescued should the occasion arise. Just wondering. Not much further the track leveled out and I began to have fun. There are those times I wonder if I have any business doing these things...at my age. And then there is the running.
   At one time in my life I loved running, but when you finally admit to yourself you dread going out, then the love is not there. This is how its been for me ever since I started getting back into it. A couple weeks ago I came across a woman running in the neighborhood. She looked fit, and like a serious runner moving along at a good clip. When she reached me (I was out for my morning walk) she slowed to a walk. I made a comment as to "that's what I should be doing" referring to her running, but I think she didn't hear me exactly. She said that she mixes it up with runs and walks as "I've found it to be a lot less stressful". I thought about that for the rest of the day. Now, the last several times out for a run, I've thrown in a couple of short walks and it is once again fun to run.
   After today's hike of only 2.5 miles I felt like I had done twice as much. I'm thinking its all about doing too much nevertheless I'm a bit disappointed when we returned home. When my wife got out of the car, the irritating rattle (not her) I've had in the car ever since I got it grew louder. "Is that noise from outside?" All this time I thought it was under the dash and I had no ambition to tear the dash out in order to find it. "Yes, it sounds like right here" she said pointing to the hood. Cool, I can fix that! It turned out to be a loose bolt connecting the fender-well to the front cross piece. The noise is gone and the squealing front brake remains quiet after working with that last week, so no matter how the run, hike or bike tries to change things with me, I'm a happy guy today.

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Shelly said...

It's all about the little things! Cool that you are enjoying the walk/run thing again.

The other day it was 96F at 9:30 here!!!