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Thursday, June 17, 2010


There is a definite change in the weather this morning. The sky is full of clouds a few of which are dark and menacing. No hurry to move on today as all I have planned to do is to collect a bucket of playa dirt for the cactus garden. I’ve collected a bucket full at Red Rock and Anza Borrego also all which I will spread around the cactus at home completing my little desert landscape area.
(this is good sky towards the east, the other direction was nasty looking)

After stealing dirt we then drove back up onto the road towards Gerlach and stopped where the Guru Road begins. The Guru Road is a dirt road that parallels the highway. People, locals for the most part, have set up rocks with sayings etched onto them plus artsy displays which are in a bad state of disrepair. There I ate lunch while waiting for the hail to stop, then walked the mile long road. I remember the road as to be not that great so felt walking would be better than taking the RV out onto it. I see now conditions have been improved and was probably doable in the View. I timed the walk just right for the sprinkles started up again just as I was driving off to find a new campsite.
With the weather conditions as there are I opted to stay along the shoreline less than a mile from the road for a quick escape. This lasted less than an hour and we moved off the Playa. Not so much as any fear of getting stuck but if it rained enough the tires would kick the playa goop up underneath the vehicle which in the end is nearly impossible to remove. What gets left behind corrodes the metal due to the high alkaline content of the playa dirt. My Land Rovers and the old motorhome have the scars to attest to that. I ended up down the road at the county gravel pit. Don’t scoff at a gravel pit for a campsite. I once found a complete horse skeleton up the hill from it. I had to give it away when we moved but my daughter has the head in her cactus garden. There I spent the rest of the afternoon doing the usual, inside that is. It was too cool outside and if the wind is not blowing then sprinkles or hail fall. Sometimes it is all three. If tomorrow begins as today I will head for home where I know warm bright sunny skies await.

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