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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trauma Day II

Our 30 day trail period for the AT&T cable service is coming to an end next week. We decided it didn't live up to the expectations we were told it would deliver, so we're crawling back to Comcast. So I sit here waiting for the Comcast guy to show up. Yes, it is requiring a service technician to set everything right once again. This is not what we were led to believe three weeks ago when the sales reps were here from AT&T. We thought it would be a simple do-it-yourself of hooking the cable back up. Of course we were led to believe too that we would have just as fast interent speed also, one of several reasons for dumping AT&T. Not only that, but it is going to cost us $99 to get our telephone back from AT&T! I'm not done with them on that one. If that wasn't enough, not only will AT&T NOT send a techincian out here to unhook everything and put it back the way it was, but it is our responsibility to send all the gear back to AT&T. We're to take it down to a UPS store and supossedly they'll box it up and send it off for us. This I got to see.

The Cable Guy just arrived. He has no idea why he is here. "Welcome back the world of Comcast." Jeremy is sneezing all the time. I ask if he is allergic to cats. No, just an allergy thing he says. After three sneezes with mucus on his fingertips from pinching his nose, he returns to the truck to make some calls to headquarters. Meanwhile I get a Lysol wipe and clean my hands (I shook hands with him). He returns and an hour later has everything operational once again through the Comcast pipeline. There was an issue with the telephone line which is to be switched over on a seperate order a week from now. But with some creative thinking on Jeremy's part he was able to keep the phone running through AT&T on a seperate cable line.

I'd guess we've had close to ten Comcast techs at our home in the past year and only two really seemed capable. So can one safely say you have a 1 out of 5 chance of getting your service done correctly and smoothly with Comcast? During one of Jeremy's several trips out to the truck, I called UPS. "Yep, just bring it down here and we'll do the rest." I asked if they've done this before for AT&T and she replied "all the time". Now is there a message there for you and I dear reader?

I thanked Jeremy for everything and sent him on his way. Back into the house and another Lysol wipe.

"Now, what all did he touch?

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Janie said...

Nifty clean way to handle the situation. I know the music channel will be a huge improvement compared to what AT & T offers.