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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Days

Here it is the last day of November and I am done with my Christmas shopping. Not even December and DONE. Just a wonderful feeling. What helped a lot is that a few years back it was mutually decided to not do gifts for everyone. Instead names would be drawn. Slips of paper with names written were placed into a Tupperware bowl and who you drew is who you bought for. The grandkids are not old enough to play this game. Everyone buys something for each kid. Naturally, the boys are fine with this arrangement. So we did it this way for a few years and now this year my wife went high tech on the name drawing. She found a site on the Internet that does the name drawing for you. She entered all the names that were to be placed in the “hat” and once the last person responded to the e-mail sent by the site then automatically all were secretly given a name to buy for. She was able to set it up so one would not receive their spouse’s name. This worked out great and everyone is happy. As for my dilemma about what to get the grandsons, I had a rare moment of brilliance awhile back and solved the issue. Of course I cannot go into that at this time.

Something I learned yesterday was that like Black Friday the big shopping day after Thanksgiving, the following Monday is now known as Cyber Monday. It seems that on that day there are a lot of fabulous online sales and deals to be had. I was in a big name store of a certain commodity (again I cannot go into it anymore than that) and the sales lady was trying to get online to look up a special item within their inventory for me. “It is taking a long time to load as it is Cyber Monday and the system is overwhelmed.” And that is how I learned about Cyber Monday, just another new day I have to be aware of and side-step each year.
Oh happy days.


  1. Hello again,
    I just heard on the news here in Norway, they were discussing if we should have a "black friday" here, like in America.
    I haven't heard of this before now.
    I'm not sure what I think of it yet.
    I use to shop on sales through the hole year when it comes to christmasgifts, and this year I had bought most of them in the end of last summer. Just being practical.
    The best with christmas is meeting family and friends, and have a good time together.
    Wishing you a nice day:)

  2. I know, I know, you are done. But I saw these really great small wooden puzzles at Whole Foods (who would know?) and thought of you. Stocking stuffers? Of course, I am dying to know what you did get. A blog post after the holidays, I guess.

  3. Hey, way to go. Having you Christmas shopping done before December is great. I'm really lucky, my wife does the Christmas shopping, including her own usually. She doesn't mind and neither do I.

  4. No kidding, I just found out about Cyber Monday too! But I didn't find any great deals on line. Good for you being done with shopping! I'm almost there.

  5. You are welcome to come on over and do my shopping!

  6. Yeah I am dying to know too. Big secrets always. It will be unique I am sure. Bare builder is so smart shopping in summer for holidays. Family, friends, food and wine is the best gift I could ever receive,

  7. Hey, good job with getting your shopping done early. I usually start on Xmas eve. This year it will be simple -- Kitty is getting a new blue litter box.

    Makes perfect sense (in an economy like this) to do a drawing for a gift exchange. We did that every year at the store I worked at and it was always great fun.

    But, hey, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Don and Kitty

  8. Bare bilder - keep Norway safe and say NO to Black Friday. I can't think Christmas at the end of summer. Good for you to think so far ahead. Happy Christmas to you too.

    Becky - Small wood puzzles would entertain these two for about one and a half minutes if luck had anything play in it.

    Scott - I do like your wife. I buy a gift for myself, wrap it and place it under the tree. Come the BIG morning I unwrap it with complete excitement and joy. "WOW! Who got me this? This is so cool. Just what I wanted." Everyone looks at each other confusingly, but now over the years I think they've caught on to my gig.

    T. Becque - isn't it neat when you learn about something long after evryone else knows?

    T 2 live - sorry, I cannot read your comment...it is all garbled up on my end. Have a nice holiday.

    JEK - hint: it is really dangerous and can cause bodily harm. The boys will love it!

    AphotoAday - if I did that for Sinbad: "A poop box? You got me a new poop box for Christmas?! That's it?" It would be like getting my wife a new kitchen mop. No, not really. He is just happy to have me for the day as I am him.

    Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy them as you can tell.

  9. yes, we've caught on to you little gig and do NOT think that it is funny or cute!


  10. I love these images!! But... what I LOVE THE MOST IS YOUR BEAUTIFUL CAT! You know, he looks a lot like my newest feline friend, Edward. Edward has lived with us for one month today!! I am your newest follower as I just have to see what Sinbad (great name - if he is anything like Edward in that he gets into everything then I really get it!)does! Please join me at my history blog - I'd really like to have you along for the journey!
    PS Here is a link to Edward I published last month after he became ours! http://www.stnicholasandchristmas.com/search/label/Personal

  11. Nope I agree about the "gig" thing. Doesn't sound like your family fell off the potato truck on that one. On the other hand you may be safer that way. No returns!

    Best you provide proper protective gear for the "harm". Think your secret is out. I have a pretty good guess.


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