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Friday, November 12, 2010


If you watch or listen to the news (I don't do either but still heard about this) you are aware of the the cruise ship that broke down off the Mexican coast this week. The media made it sound as a near-death experience (one of many reasons I don't follow the news - sensationalism). Food supplies for the 4000 plus on board were dwindling and the coast guard brought in replenishment among which was crab meat and Spam, an odd combination I thought. I imagined the passengers walking the buffet line facing the dilemma  "Hmm...which should I chose, the crab or Spam?" Tough choice. My wife said she would starve before ever eating the Spam, but me, I would go with the Spam. It would be interesting to see how the gourmet chefs on board would prepare the tasty delight. Braised Spam, Roast Spam, Spam fillets poached in aspic, Spam with a Bearnaise sauce, Spam Thermidor, Spam under glass, Spam pate, Spam sauteed with garlic and herbs in a white wine sauce, oh the variations are endless. Who would ever want the cruise to end?


  1. Oh, what a fun post, I was giggling while reading! Yes, what a choice it must have been. I've never tried Spam, but my husband said they had it all the time as a child and he says it's quite tasty. Hmmmm, I think I'd stick with the crab!

  2. I get way more spam than I ever want in my email daily. I'm not a fan of the spam "meat" either. I think they say it is pork shoulders and ham. This was a very clever and funny post. I never could have thought of that many ways to prepare anything, let alone spam.

  3. I read a follow-up on this story a few days later. Evidently two people were carried off on gurneys or stretchers and two more were led off in handcuffs under arrest. It must have been the effects of too much Spam. Thanks for your comments and stopping by.

  4. Liking this post. I needed a shot of humour, and agree with you on this one.


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