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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where Pumpkins Go to Die

The scene at a small pumpkin patch near home.
These fellows evidently didn't make the grade to go to a nearby nursery for sale.
Personally I think this is a far better fate than to be disemboweled, craved up and put on public display.
An unlucky few here appear to have been made into pies though.
Now I must ready myself for the carnage of Thanksgiving.
Save the Turkeys!


  1. I did not buy any pumpkins at Halloween, but I made two pies from a white pumpkin that Kylie had. I also roasted and drained the flesh of an orange one, too, that she had. It should make 3-4 pies. I don't think Jim can wait until Thanksgiving. He loves pumpkin pie.

  2. So many pumpkins...almost exotic for me living in the cold north:)
    Have a nice week:)

  3. Sad to see all those pumpkins going to waste. Of course I don't know the requirements of a pumpkin to be eligible to be made into pie. At least I hope they'll return to Mother Earth and become good fertilizer for some good crop of food. Or maybe they'll become cattle or pig feed.

  4. Lol, love your title and I suppose you're right, I'd rather lie in a field with the sun instead of being carved to death!

  5. BTW - - there will be turkey at the Chico Thanksgiving! Start preparing for it now! :-)

  6. Thank you to all for your comments which I appreciate. As for the sadness your expressed Scott, it is even more so after Christmas and all those trees gone to waste. Oh the horror of it all!


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