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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Arizona Sunset

We are enjoying scenes like this every evening. This is the time I take Sinbad for his evening walk. Any later than this and it is black. Black as can be. There is no moon out and other than the thousands of stars in the sky, there is no light. So walking around outside is not a good idea with all the cholla lying about on the ground. Seeing the comments on previous posts, Sinbad seems to be very popular so I will try to include a photo of him more often. We are now heading towards Tombstone but will make a sidetrip over to Fairbank on the way. I saw pictures of it on another blog and it looks to be a interesting ghost town. Being the weekend I don't think going into Tombstone would be a good idea at the this time. Besides I am not one who really goes for the touristy stuff, and Sinbad doesn't like to be around so many people. More next time I can get online. Thanks for following along.


  1. Beautiful picture, and yes, I want to see more pictures of Sinbad too:)
    Drive safe:)

  2. are you joking? this is the highlight of my weekend following you and Sinbad on this venture. please, frequently find wireless! and give Sinbad a kiss for me. I love him. drive safely and have the time of your life.

  3. WOW! WOW! WOW! That is the stuff of my daydreams. Saguaros and sunsets.

    Tombstone is a tad bit touristy, but parts of it are cool. Watch out for Montezuma quail!!

    Santino says hi.

  4. Oh yes! We do love Sinbad out here in blogland! LOVELY sunset! Thanks for making time for us!

  5. OH MY this is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the colors. WIsh I were there.

  6. What a magnificent sunset! Very nice photo.

  7. Just found out you were here in the desert, we be hanging at Imperial Dunes for the past week, but, alas, after two months of enjoying the beautiful sunsets and warm weather in this awesome desert southwest, it is time for us to head home for a bit. We pass the baton on to you. Some day, perhaps, our paths will cross once again, but until then, safe travels my friend...
    Nonna0021 & JB

  8. I take it you're miles from anywhere if it's absolutely dark. It seems to be harder to get it absolutely silent - the sound of "civilisiation" seems to carry an awful long way.


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