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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amboy School

For some reason on previous side trips through Amboy I never paid attention to the school. Well to be honest, I wasn't even aware that fenced off building down the road was a school or that Amboy even warranted one. The school closed in 1999 and their championship water polo team was no more.

The school wasn't much to look at but I thought the sign was pretty cool looking with a slight art deco style to the letters...
...and the peeling paint from the harsh desert sun.


  1. i do like the blistered look of that signage.

  2. I just feel bad for the water polo team. Hopefully they all went on to distinguished professional careers. Great shots of the sign too.

  3. I enjoyed my visit to your blog...Happy Trails to you and Sinbad!

  4. That sign is great! I've missed so many of your photos! Your trip looks like fun and so many picture ops. I look forward to seeing your version of Fairbanks :)

  5. How did you know about their water polo team? Did I miss something in previous posts? A closed school is a sad thing to see. Reminds me of our education system currently in USA.


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